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Do you have questions about fundraising for Maddie Riewoldt's Vision? Our handy FAQ section may be able to help!

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For questions about United Energy Around the Bay, please contact Bicycle Network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are donations tax deductible? 

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Yes! All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible for Australian taxpayers. 

Where do the funds I raise go?  

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By fundraising for Maddie's Vision, you're helping fund research that will result in faster diagnosis, better treatments, tailored support and improved outcomes for patients and families impacted by Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes.

Find out about the impact of your fundraising and donations here.  

When I registered for United Energy Around the Bay, I didn't opt in for fundraising, but now I've changed my mind. How can I access my fundraising page?

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Thank you for your interest in fundraising for Maddie's Vision, we are so grateful! If you have registered to ride but didn't opt into fundraising, you can still create your fundraising page by signing up for a page here.  

If you need additional support, please email us at, and we can help.   

How do I participate in the United Energy Around the Bay ride and fundraise for Maddie's Vision?  

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To ride in the United Energy Around the Bay event, you'll need to complete a registration for the ride first here 

During your registration, you can opt-in to fundraise for Maddie's Vision. We'll send you a confirmation email with a link to access your dashboard and fundraising page. From there, you can share your page with friends and family to raise funds for Maddie’s Vision, log your training rides, and earn achievement badges!   

Can I sponsor a team/rider?  

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Thank you for your generous support! You can sponsor a team or rider by searching for them here. 

Can I set up fitness apps such as Strava and Fitbit to track my training and rides?

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Your profile page includes your personal distance tally so you can track your distance towards your target. This is a great way to keep your friends updated on your workouts!

If you track your workouts with Fitbit, Strava, MapMyFitness or Garmin your distances will automatically add to your tally.

Follow these steps to track your KMs automatically:

1. Download the Fitbit or Strava, app and set up your account

2. Log in to your United Energy Around the Bay fundraising account.

3. Under the heading Connect your preferred Fitness app, click your chosen app.

4. Follow the prompts to connect your account

5. When you next work out, select start your workout in the app on your phone. Once you end your workout, save your workout and your distance will be published to the tally on your page the following day.

If you have synced your app already but it is not working, please log in and re-connect it.

  • Fitbit: You must start an activity and save it. If no activity is logged, then your cumulative activity will sync at the end of the day. If you are having issues, try syncing through BOTH your Fitbit and the Fitbit app on your smartphone. 
  • Strava: You must start your workout, stop your workout and then SAVE your workout.

Your tally will be updated each day with the previous day’s distances.

Manually adding activity

Remember, you can manually add your exercise to the tally in the My Fitness Activity tab within your logged in dashboard. This is a great option if you’re using a pedometer or a different method of tracking your distances.

Follow these steps to manually add your activity:

1. Log in to your account and select My Fitness Activity.

2. Under Add activity, enter the required fields. Depending on the challenge this may be steps, distance and/duration.

3. The logged activity will now appear on your fundraising page!

I want to make changes to my United Energy Around the Bay registration. Who can I contact?  

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Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with registration inquiries. Please contact Bicycle Network for any assistance with ride registrations or the event. 

Can I join or create a fundrasing team?

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Absolutely! Most team members raise more than individual participants who go solo. They also find the experience more fun!

You can create or join a team when you register for United Energy Aroudnt the Bay, and we'll provide you with access to both your fundraising page and your team's page too. Your friends and family can sponsor you / donate to you personally, and the fundraising will be shown on both your total and your team's. 

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