Eight Epic Peaks

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8 Epic Peaks

My vision is a brighter future for patients living with Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes, my goal is to attempt to summit all 8 of Australia heights peaks.

About myself l'm an adventurer an all out explorer love being out in the wild exploring new things testing the limits and l like a challenge. why MRV? well l myself live with a blood disorder so l feel it's a cause close to my heart, l'm planning to used this as a platform to bring funding and awareness to bone marrow failure for MRV, so please feel free to follow my journey along the way l'm sure there will be some interesting moments and support MRV and all the family's and patients and together we can make a real change for the future, no one should fight alone. 

l will update my blog along the way. 

Mounts I will conquer. 

  • Mount Kosciuszko in New South Wales
  • Mount Bimberi in Australian Capital Territory 
  • Mount Bogong in Victoria
  • Mount Ossa in Tasmania
  • Mount Bartle Frere in Queensland
  • Mount Zeil in the Northern Territory
  • Ngarutjaranya in South Australia
  • Mount Meharry in Western Australia

How else can you help be a Lifeblood blood donor or register to be a ABMDR stem cell donor.

I am supporting Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision to fund vital research and provide support for patients living with Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes and their families. Approximately 160 Australians are diagnosed with Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes each year.

Distressingly, most of them are children and young adults, and 50% will not survive. Thousands more are living with ongoing complex health issues. By supporting my fundraiser, you're helping power the incredible research that will unlock better treatments and cures for people living with Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes and ensure they can access the support they need.

Please support me to reach my donation goal and together, we will #FightLikeMaddie!

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Mount Bogong the Staircase mount.

Tuesday 16th Apr
This weekend I spend in the picturesque Victorian high country to summit Mount Bogong highest peak in Victoria at 1986m the first look at Bogong it looks huge. To climb Mount Bogong there's multiple ways to summit but I choose to do it from Mount Beauty side from mountain creek campground up staircase spur the shortest but toughest way to climb, the name doesn't give it justice it's a climb the whole way l recommend only to take it on with hiking experience it's a all day hike, but the views are just breathtaking from the summit, its like your really on top of the world so close you are in the clouds at some points truly amazing, along the track you go from a rainforest type feel to a alpine peak with less tress. There's a hut along the way called Bivoauc Hut for over night campers it sits at 1440m. You also see a lot of different animals broad toothed rats, black cookatoos, a beautiful yellow and black grasshopper, baby tiger snake and skinks some I'd seen along the way. The main challenge was coming back down you just have to keep pushing, this one was a real mental and physical challenge but well worth it.

The top of Australia Mount Kosciuszko

Monday 11th Mar
Today l adventured up to the top of Australia to Mount Kosciuszko the highest peak in Australia and the highest point the Maddie's Vision flag will reach during this journey, it was the highest flag in Aus at one point today. my day stared with a drive to Kosciuszko National park and down to Thredbo for a 13km walk to the summit of Kosciuszko this is a very well maintained track that anyone can achieve to climb and l encourage anyone to do it and give it a go. There are some beautiful streams with little baby trout in them not many tree as you get closer to Kosciuszko as you pass Rawsons pass. it has lots of large rock formations and a large lake called Lake Cootapatamba, it was great climb with very nice views and great being the highest person in Aus even just for a few minutes now on to the next one :)

Adventure to Mount Bimberi

Monday 4th Mar

My day started with a 3 hour driving into Kosciuszko National Park NSW to murray’s gap trail this walk in totally is 22 km along a fire trail then a summit climb, bimberi is in a very remote location in the bimberi wilderness reserve and is closer to NSW then the actually city of Canberra its on the border but just couple of meters either way your in NSW then your in ACT where Namadgi and Kosciusko join each other.

The walk along murray's gap was easy on a very well maintained road you pass Oldfields hut, hut is a campground for people doing the AAWT, built in 1925 by John Pheney for the Oldfields family really nice preserved hut and in the view you see mount murray and mount bimberi next to each other.

Bimberi is not for the faint-hearted it's hard and very bushy, GPS navigation is required as you could get lost only signs of the trail are stack stone cranes but due to the 2019 and 2020 bushfires there's lots of burnt trees that have fallen and at time hard to navigate but does have some lovely views along the way of Namadgi and Kosciusko.

Trekking back down I came across the sphagnum moss bogs, the home of the northern corroboree frog, a very special frog for the ACT and NSW that is currently Critically Endangered, there was lots of alpine she-oak skinks that are endangered and tiger snakes along the track as well 

This was a very hard hike/climb mentally and physically even though it was very hard. I did feel like I've achieved something special and learnt a lot along the way now onto the next one. 

Northern Corroboree Frog info.

https://www.environment.act.gov.au/nature-conservation/conservation-and-ecological-communities/threatened-species-factsheets/northern_corroboree_frog#:~:text=The Northern Corroboree Frog is,moss bogs and adjacent woodlands.

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Good luck climbing the eight peaks, what a great adventure for a worthy cause!