Buy Maddie's Vision merchandise!

We're excited that our new range of Maddie Riewoldt's Vision merchandise is here! Ethically made and designed to last, these are items we hope you cherish and keep for a long time.

The Maddie's Vision merchandise stall will be located inside the concourse at Gate 7, at Maddie's Match from 1.45pm until 3/4 time.

Maddie's Vision Cap


Wear the new Maddie's Vision cap with pride at Maddie's Match #8! Made from 100% cotton.

Maddie's Vision Socks


Our soft, cozy Maddie's Vision socks will keep you warm whether you're chilling out at home, or enjoying an active day out!

Maddie's Vision Keyring


The Maddie's Vision keyring is perfect for keeping your keys safe, or decorating a schoolbag!